Harry Oxenblå & Chronograph Suisse


This is not gonna be one of those lenghty tirades about the latest finds and whatnot but rather a short introduction to Harry Oxenblå, a Scania native, and a photo of one of his pieces together with a 18k rosé gold Chronograph Suisse.

Harry was born in 1960 and learned the trait from his highly esteemed father, the late potter, Henning Nilsson. At the age of 15 he decided to follow his fathers footsteps and make use of all the knowledge that was to be passed on which also led to a formal education as a potter. The schooling was in a rather informal and free setting which created the perfect environment for this young potter-in-the-making. When his father passed away in 1993 he kept the production going in the workshop but has since opened his own gallery called: Galleri Oxenblå…you’ll find him on Bruksgatan 36 Z, Höganäs, Sweden. He’s well worth a visit!

Also make sure to visit the hamburger joint Garaget right around corner…awesome 200g burger and some nice local IPA if that’s your cup of tea! http://garagebar.se/


Happy sunday people!

Klase: Höganäs -Double combo

Another name every pottery freak from Scania has come across and probably does so on a weekly basis is ”Klase” from Höganäs. The pieces one usually finds are quite frankly some of the most boring pieces of pottery I’ve come across. I’m actually flummoxed as to why he (they) choose an exceptionally boring design and ran with it as much as they did. The type of piece im referring to will be shown below: Do not pay more than 1 euro for this!

klase ugly

The year was 1959, Otto Klaesson had made up his mind to start his own pottery with the obvious name ”Klase keramik” and was soon joined by his 16 year old son, Klas-Göran Klaesson. Klase jr as the younger Klase came to be called became pivotal in the role of the company and took over the entire production so that his father could solely focus on selling the companies merchandise. During the mid 80’s they choose to change the direction of the company from houseware and decorative items to figurines stemming from biblical motives and local folklore. This is however not something one would come across THAT often which is why I’m showing you two rather different vases from what you’d normally find.

IMG_1757 IMG_1759 IMG_1760

As you can se this particular piece has the a regular ”Klase Höganäs” stamp where as a piece by his son would have the added jr. to show his work. If you’d be interested in knowing more, seeing his recent work or even contact him I’ll add a link below:


Gunnar Andersson: A three piece combo!

Considering that I’m living in the south of Sweden it’s not at all rare to run into Gunnar Anderssons pieces, most of them are however not of the highest quality as far as my taste goes but he does have some gems hidden occasionally (I haven’t come across the really good ones yet unfortunately).

While I’m at it I might as well give you a short insight into his life and career since it’s only available in Swedish as far as I know.

Gunnar Andersson was born on the 27th of May, 1927. Andersson started his career as an intern in the ceramic workshop of Sune G. Svensson, located in Nyhamnsläge (next to Höganäs) after which he got hired as a turner/thrower at the A&J factory in Höganäs. In the early 50’s Andersson starts his own workshop called ”Gunnars Keramik” which these three items stem from. Gunnar Andersson closed his workshop, stopped working in the ceramic field in the mid 90’s and finally moved to Sävsjö. The identification of his works is pretty straightworward: GA, Gunnar Andersson, or in the case of them being made prior to the 50’s with a Höganäs signature or mark. sidenote: he might’ve done work for the Höganäs company after the 50’s as well, the mark tells the possible date.

IMG_1742 IMG_1744 IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1747

My favourite would probably be the green one made in -87, it’s not very often you come across such honest and visible brushstrokes in the glaze, something I found rather cool if i can be nerdy for a quick second!

Latest fleamarket find: Italian fat lava

So i visited a fleamarket in Malmoe on sunday and came across the vase your about to see. It doesnt have any factory marks but from what I’ve seen before Bitossi have been known to use similar marks, however I’m not sure at all and haven’t really found anything similar.

Sidenote: me and the old lady exchanged numbers so that me and her 13 boxes of rare antiques could have a date…which we had today, 13 boxes of shit, seriously, there was not one thing worth over 1-2 euros 🙂 Well, at least she sold me the vase the other day!

IMG_1726 IMG_1727

Do you know anything? Don’t hesitate to send me a message or sign the guestbook!


A bit of that German Untz-Untzzzz

German pottery is just like german techno…w-w-w-w-aaaait, NO it’s not, german-tech is minimal and the pottery is clearly over the top but with that being said, they both make me happy so how’s that for a common denominator??

Listening to my suggested music is obviously optional, however I think you should…Rraitt-Nauu!

Today I’m giving you little bit of a mix between unknowns (might be Bay), Scheurich & Bay keramik.It’s mostly planters but alse vases and the favourite object of the day: an elephant Spardose/moneybox by Bay Keramik, Enjoy!


Unknowns, cheap & common


Scheurich??, ?, ?, Scheurich: Europ linie




Gotta organize…..

I have never paid 5 euros for a W. German piece before but i actually really liked this little moneybox with red/green glaze AND with a perfect label on it, so instead of having second thoughts when I get home I just did it. Do you like it? It’s supposedly a 70’s piece, I don’t know the designer though.


Haben sie einen wunderbaren Sonntag Damen & Herrn!

RBG: Red, blue & green still life

Sorry for the subpar quality of the photos but sufficient lighting in Sweden in scarce at the moment so please forgive me!


                        RED! + Bonus





As you all can see this is a quite varied mix of swedish, danish, finlandish and a few german pieces that i quite like. I hope you enjoyed! ohhh btw…Can you spot the makers and the not-so-very-hidden memento mori? Go ahead and give it a try!

Have a nice weekend ladies, gentlemen, cross-dressers, hermaphrodites and whatever else this world could conjure up!

Mexico in a few pictures

I don’t think I’ll be writing any lenghty texts about Mexico rather than just giving you the slightest insight into my Mexico City adventures. Let’s start with a fact: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT believe everything you hear about Mexico and how dangerous it supposedly is. Suuure you might want to watch your back a little bit but for the most part it’s really nice and safe and people are polite and friendly, as should be.

I’ll add short comments if i feel the need to. Enjoy 🙂


Soumaya Museum: Yes.


Ghetto car: YES YES YES!


The streets are watching…


Trouvé=YES! Nice vintage store (mostly muebles)

DO NOT….go here. It’s a waste of time!


Plaza de Angel: YES! high-end prices though

IMG_1068 IMG_1073 IMG_1075 IMG_1074

Kahlo Museum: YES!!

Kahlo Museum: YES!!

IMG_1247 IMG_1249 IMG_1264 IMG_1267

Sculptural lamp post: YES!

Sculptural lamp post: YES!


Laguna Manialtepec: FUCK YESS!!!!


I’m out, arriverderciiiiii!

If you ever visit Mexico City I’d obviously suggest using tripadvisor, whatever books you have available but also just get out there….walk around, get the feel of the city and use taxis if you don’t feel safe, they’re cheap and reliable! Visiting museums all day long will slowly kill your soul and expose you to every gringo that’s visiting the city at the same time, and you don’t want that now do you????