Harry Oxenblå & Chronograph Suisse


This is not gonna be one of those lenghty tirades about the latest finds and whatnot but rather a short introduction to Harry Oxenblå, a Scania native, and a photo of one of his pieces together with a 18k rosé gold Chronograph Suisse.

Harry was born in 1960 and learned the trait from his highly esteemed father, the late potter, Henning Nilsson. At the age of 15 he decided to follow his fathers footsteps and make use of all the knowledge that was to be passed on which also led to a formal education as a potter. The schooling was in a rather informal and free setting which created the perfect environment for this young potter-in-the-making. When his father passed away in 1993 he kept the production going in the workshop but has since opened his own gallery called: Galleri Oxenblå…you’ll find him on Bruksgatan 36 Z, Höganäs, Sweden. He’s well worth a visit!

Also make sure to visit the hamburger joint Garaget right around corner…awesome 200g burger and some nice local IPA if that’s your cup of tea! http://garagebar.se/


Happy sunday people!


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